Worked on launching 10 new countries and I was responsible for delivering all content at the right time and right place. Worked on market research for 10 new countries and SEO optimizations based upon keyword research and competitor analysis & price determination. I was responsible for all the copywriting and localization on the Danish website.


I advised on market approach and communication styles and created a content management strategy plan and the tone of voice for Maykers. I was interviewing farmers in Denmark to get a better understanding of the market and the needs of the customers and how we can deliver in the best way. I have set up the social media accounts and created a social media strategy plan, besides that, I wrote the blog posts for Maykers. I did market research and SEO optimizations based on keyword research and competitor analysis. I delivered all copywriting and content related to Maykers.

Content Ventures

Created perfectly SEO optimized content.

Red Online Marketing

Created and translated localized content to their websites called “Holland Tulip Parcs”.


I guided and created SEA campaigns for the Danish market.


Working on launching the Happysoaps to Denmark. That is including market research, price strategy, competitor analysis etc. I’m also responsible for all the copywriting and localization on the Danish website.

Fietsenwinkel.nl / Hellorider

I was responsible for the Danish, Swedish and Norwegian websites. I was responsible for the content, social media, blog posts, and optimisation of SEO content for the Scandinavian websites, I wrote content and created various pages that helped our customers purchase a bike. I worked on rebranding from Smartcykler to Hellorider. I worked on the basics of HTML, for example how to create paragraphs, titles, links, and mark up. Besides my hands-on work, I was also teaching juniors and interns how to work properly without different systems.


I helped one of their clients ‘Soprema’ with keyword research and SEO optimisation. 

An all-around commercial executive experience in e-commerce, marketing, and content creation. During work, I visualize that by writing and creating content perfectly customized for the companies target group. I have a wide knowledge of how to start up in the Scandinavian market.